Sirrý & Smári

Lori & Jitters: Chapter One

How to play:

Lori & Jitters has a point and click interface:

The mouse becomes an indispensable extension of your own body and soul. It is your portal into this curious dimension of raw graphics! It is your one and only navigational tool in this interactive sci-fi adventure. Now the time has come to leave your own self behind and take on the persona of our sweet Neptunian heroine Lori. Some awful oddity has befallen her home and she can’t find her lovable pet Jitters.

Look only at the window that displays the game. The world around you exists no more. At the bottom of the window there’s a toolbar. Each time you click an object Lori makes a comment, displayed in the wide slot on the right side of the toolbar. This toolbar is an important recepticle for interdimensional communication between your physical self and your in-game persona.

The inventory:

There is a sixth sense (actually a quite common sense) that recognizes your need for certain objects. Once you click those objects they will be placed in your inventory, displayed in the narrow left slot of the toolbar. A selected object will turn grey to indicate that it is, in fact, in use. It may be used with any object around the room. You must click the object again to deselect it, and you cannot select another inventory object before you do so.

Lori makes different comments for each inventory object paired with other items around the room.

Dare live the impossible! Click like a lunatic, read all the comments, enjoy the story!